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The Galaxy is in a state of turmoil: MDT has turned to the dark side. The development, product management and production departments of the leading manufacturer of KNX products, have been conspiring for months at an undisclosed location in the Rhineland, Germany to dispatch a fleet of dark Push-buttons to KNX fans this autumn.

Learn more about the functionality of each fleet member:

Push-button Smart 55

The Push-button Smart 55 is the flagship of the fleet: it is equipped with 4 mechanical buttons and an active colour display. Free text and symbols can be set for each button and function. Via the innovative group control, different scenes or functions can be activated by a long or extra-long push of a button. The Push-button is available with or without temperature/humidity sensor.

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Shutter Push-button Smart 55

The shutter Push-button Smart 55 was developed especially for controlling shutters and blinds. For this purpose, the push-button has 4 mechanical buttons, an active colour display and an integrated timer. Via the active colour display, among other things, the shading status as well as messages such as wind alarm can be seen at a first glance. In addition to the daily/
weekly/astronomical switching function, the integrated timer also has an automatic public holiday calculator.

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Motion Detector/ Automatic Detector 55

Nothing escapes the motion detector 55: With 2 pyro detectors and a dark high resolution lens, the detector recognises both people and the direction of movement. The activation sensitivity for day/night/presence can be individually set. The motion detector 55 is available with and without an integrated temperature sensor. The detector with temperature sensor, has two sensor buttons for selectable functions.

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Push-button Lite 55

The convertible Push-button Lite has a cloak of button, each equipped with two LEDs per button pair. The LEDs are adjustable in colour and the brightness can also be controlled via the day/night or brightness object. Individual functions or scenes can be activated via a long / extra-long button press. Via the multiple tap function, the Push-button can send up to 4 values /DPTs to the same or different objects.

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Push-button Lite 55 Basic

The Basic push-button lite 55 is the fleet member for fundamental applications: it has vertically arranged buttons that can be used as individual or as a pair of buttons (two gang). Utilised where specific functions are required, it can switch, dim and operate shutters/blinds and scenes. Via the multiple touch function, the push-button can send up to 4 values /DPTs to the same or different objects.

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Room Temperature Controller Smart 55

The Room Temperature Controller Smart 55 ensures cosiness in the room with the correct comfort 
temperature. The colour display shows functions and status of, e.g., the set and actual temperature. The Room Temperature Controller is suitable for indoor rooms and measures in the range of -10 °C to +50 °C. Additional potential-free contacts, such as Push-buttons, switches, window contacts, can be connected to the four binary inputs.

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Object Controller 55

The MDT Object Controller 55 with integrated temperature and humidity sensor is used for controlling the temperature of indoor rooms. The comfort range of the room climate is defined using Min / Max values when parameterising the object controller. Switch actuators / heating actuators can be controlled by the object controller along with thermal actuators or motorised KNX actuator.

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Room Temperature / Humidity Sensor 55

The Room Temperature/ Humidity Sensor 55 for indoor rooms reports temperature and humidity values to the KNX fleet command. It measures in the range of -10°C to +50°C and can be equipped with min and max. limit values. If these limit values are exceeded or undercut, a signal for leaving the comfort zone is sent. The dew point is calculated automatically by the humidity sensor.

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The new dark fleet fits into the design ranges of leading manufactures such as:

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